Art I Love This Week


Blair puts Emily Dickinson’s “Farewell” to Music at Detroit’s Institute of Arts from Erik Proulx on Vimeo.

I wasn’t aware of David Blaire until I read Jonathan Field’s post about him turning Emily Dickinson’s poetry into song. I thought it would be kitschy, but it stole my heart.

Here are some other really great things for artists from around the web this week.

The Secret to Attracting More Fans to Your Art. Alyson Stanfield hits the somewhat controversial nail on the head. Education is key to audience development in the arts. Some great discussion in the comments, too.

Formerly Homes College Student Starts NonProfit to Help His Peers Get an Education. Orayne Williams is paying it back. He wants to make sure that others are able to lift themselves out of poverty as well. As a first generation college student who came from a poor background, this cause is near and dear to my heart.

CreditDonkey. As someone who used to have really terrible credit, I’m learning to get things under control. There is tons of information about credit and credit cards online, but I found the folks at Credit Donkey to be engaging and interesting to read. So there you go.

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