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Angela, an artist in her 50s, has been painting and showing in galleries and hotel lobbies for 20 years. She has had a long, successful career as an artist and has been blessed to be able to support herself financially for most of that time.

It hasn’t always been easy, but she had been getting by. Angela had always been forward thinking. She had a website and a blog which she posted to occasionally, but it never seemed to make much of a difference to her sales. She had heard that she needed these things, but she wasn’t really sure why.

Recently, however, things have changed. Galleries started crowing about people taking to the Internet to find art they wanted. The Great Recession hit, and the art market fundamentally changed for Angela, and for many of her artist friends.

Seemingly overnight Angela needed to make a shift in the way that she ran her art business. She had to learn to sell herself – and her art – online.

If you’re an artist looking to build relationships with collectors, make an impact on the art world, and create an income to support your vision, the Internet can sometimes seem like the enemy because it changes so quickly. Angela, and other artists like yourself, needed someone who gets it to help grow her art business.

Commercial Headshot 150x193I’m Cory Huff, an online marketing guide for artists, and I want to help artists get the most out of their online marketing efforts.

I want to share with you the secrets of how successful online marketers leverage the power of the Web to build big audiences, develop loyal customers, and bring in sales – all so you can live the artistic vision you have for yourself and your family.

With the Web becoming such a powerful force in reaching people and creating awareness of art, I think it’s time artists like you had the tools and techniques at your fingertips to market your art business and create your own thriving online art empire.

Introducing: The Abundant Artist Guide to Content Marketing.

Content Marketing for ArtistsFor years I worked as a double agent doing digital marketing strategy for some of the world’s hottest social media technology companies by day, and helping artists learn to adapt these same techniques to grow their own art business by night.

Now this is my primary business. And I really enjoy it. 

I understand you don’t have time to go out and learn all of this yourself – so I am bringing you what actually works.

I have had a lot of questions from artists like yourself – you know you should be using Content Marketing, but don’t have a clue where to begin, or even what that phrase really means (hint: it really just means bringing together your blog, your email, and your social media pages to create a cohesive marketing strategy)! Perhaps you’ve already set up a web page, but it’s faltering in cyberspace, alone and unshared. Perhaps you’ve even got a small following of fans but you don’t know the best way to reach them and persuade them to buy your work.

The Abundant Artist’s Guide to Content Marketing Course makes Content Marketing simple for even the most technically inept artists. Using real-life case studies, we show you how you can use the web to create a professional artist brand, earn more money and form a deeper connection with your collectors.

In this unique Content Marketing course created especially for artists, I will show you:

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueHow to automate your marketing so it isn’t so exhausting anymore

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueHow to get people to talk about your art and interact on your web page

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueHow to turn collectors into buyers who are after the unique art you create
Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueHow to grow your mailing list and what messages get collectors to buy

We’re also going to give you the low-down on:

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueHow to find success on Facebook and other social media
Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueHow to get the most bang for your website buck
Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueDrafting off of popular news stories to grow attention to your art
Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueSelling prints without devaluing your original art 


The content of the course is focused on the questions asked by readers of The Abundant Artist.

By the end of the class you will have a business that is connected to your passion as an artist. You’ll have automated systems in place that will grow you reader base and bring in new business while you are sleeping.

Your web page will be a fun, interactive place for your fans and collectors to hang out. And, most importantly, you’ll be on your way to creating your thriving online art business.

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We have a suggested rate of study, with a downloadable pdf calendar, but each person’s situation is different.

There are over 20 modules in this session that focus on the following topics: documenting process, organization, branding your art business, blogging, email marketing, and social media marketing. 

Here’s what you get:

Arrow - Hand Drawn Blue20 video modules between 10 – 15 minutes
Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueTranscripts of the courses for you to review and implement
Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueWorksheets that take you step-by-step through the content creation process
Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueA Master Checklist that you can use for each new marketing effort
Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueAccess to a private group on Facebook to ask questions and collaborate 

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The art world is definitely changing, and the thriving artist needs to keep up. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to sell your artwork on the Web with Content Marketing. Sign up today.

What Artists Are Saying About The Abundant Artist Courses & Coaching

ADA_-08-THE_ARTIST“With Cory’s able guidance, the launching of my first newsletter and redesigned website generated over $2500 (commissioned work and a couple of originals). This kind of ‘live response’ is a form of validation of my work. It encouraged me, knowing that I can grow my niche in online marketing. Having Cory as my online mentor is priceless.” – Ada Horn


hannelore dean“I liked how each session was jam-packed with useful information, and I liked being able to review the information at my own pace later by listening to the recordings…All in all, I’m so glad I bit the bullet and signed up for this course. It is going to flatten out my learning curve going forward. A million thanks!”- Hannelore Dean


joel-a-conner-artist-300x300“Thanks so much for all your help. [My Facebook page] had a 2,793% increase this week and reached 55,000 folks. I can’t thank you enough…” – Joel Conner

100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn Blue90 Day Money-Back Guarantee. As always, if you sign up for the course and decide that its not for you, I’ll give your money back. All I ask is that you provide me with copies of the homework you did.

Magic Bullet warning: You have to do the work. This course is designed to help you be successful online if you work hard. Everyone’s results will vary.


Free Bonus - Hand Drawn BlueJust in case you missed it, all participants in The Abundant Artist Content Marketing Course also get access to the following materials that will help you succeed as an artist. That’s $103 in course material that are included with the Content Marketing Course.



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artist websitesArtist Websites that Sell. This $39 course is designed to help you get the most out of your artist website. It’s not about merely displaying your art, it’s about selling your art. We walk through the elements of web design that work to sell, how to get clear on your message, and how to analyze your website to optimize for sales.



Discovering your Uniquity Discovering Your Uniquity. This $39 course is designed to help you understand what your message is to the world, and how to effectively communicate that to the right person so that they want to buy your art.

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