dont burn artLast year I saw an artist post a video of her ceremonially burning all of her work. She believed that since she couldn’t find enough people to buy her work, she must not be all that talented. She was quitting the field and giving up in defeat. It made me incredibly sad.

Angela is just like you - an artist who has a mix of interests. From painting to sculpture to mixed media and more, Angela has built up skills in a variety of areas. Angela has tried to sell her art-making skills in a variety of ways.

She’s approached art galleries about showing her work, but the galleries don’t seem to have any interest. They’re either already full or her work wasn’t a good fit. The few galleries who were interested wanted more than half of the money from her hard work.

She’s paid huge fees to show her work at some glitzy art fairs - and that’s not counting the travel and shipping costs that these shows incur. Some of the shows worked out, but most of them were a bust.

She has a website that wasn’t doing very much. All of her work is there in her portfolio, but nobody is looking at it and her inventory was quickly piling up in her garage.

When Angela went to art school it wasn’t supposed to be like this. She was supposed to graduate, be discovered by a great gallery, and be lauded for her genius for the rest of her life. But now the fantasy is over and she’s considering giving up. The occasional rave she gets from a fan just doesn’t pay the bills.

Meet another artist named John. John’s situation is a little better - at least on the surface. John is selling art pretty regularly. In fact, he’s right on the cusp of making a living selling his work. But between delivering commissions on time AND packaging and shipping his prints AND traveling for installations AND corresponding with collectors AND gallery owners… John is getting pretty tired.

John is looking for a way to sell his art that would generate consistent income. He was also looking for a way to cut out more middlemen. John misses the days of talking with collectors who’d just discovered his work and were really excited about it. He also missed being able to spend more time just being creative in his studio, instead of pushing to complete commissions.

Angela and John are two artists whose stories I’ve heard over and over again. They are problems that I have helped hundreds of artists solve.

Cory Huff Headshot 500 web readyI'm Cory Huff. Actor, storyteller, photographer, online marketing guide for artists – and I want to help artists get the most out of their Facebook efforts.

I started in online marketing back in 2008, and I've been teaching artists about online marketing for just as long. I have experience working with some of the world's largest companies, and I bring that experience here to teach you how to make money selling your art online.

What if you could have a system that showed you how to sell art in an efficient manner, direct to collectors? A system that was proven, that had helped dozens of artists go from never sold anything online to getting their first sale in less than two months?

I have that system - as a course. I’ve been teaching and tweaking it for more than six years. Let me tell you a bit about it.

Introducing How to Sell Your Art Online

Previously we called the course Content Marketing for Artists, but we changed the name to How to Sell Your Art Online because this course is not just about creating blog posts or updating social media - it’s about selling art so you can make a living.

Also, I wrote a book called How to Sell Your Art Online. The book is great and I’m excited that I did it - but this course has way more detail, depth, and current material than any single book ever could cover. So think of this course as the living, evolving version of my book.

By the end of this course, you will:

How are we going to do this?

  • 19 Video Modules

    19 succinct videos that show you what you absolutely need to know about online marketing

  • Transcripts

    Text transcripts of all audio

  • 2 month trial to our incredible Facebook community

    Our Facebook group is the core of our community. Get to know other artists who are making it happen, get peer feedback, and build lifelong friendships.

  • Worksheets for Each Lesson

    Downloadable PDF & Word documents that will help you form your marketing framework

  • Weekly Live Calls

    Every week we'll have live calls where we discuss and expand the concepts in the course materials

What Previous Students Are Saying

  • Adam Hall
    "I quit my job. The class, and the help of the Facebook group was one of the best investments I have ever made."
    Adam Hall
  • Kathleen Eaton
    "I sold $500 worth of art from what I learned in the class, BEFORE the class was over. I loved the videos. I'm a visual person and learned a lot from the graphics, downloads, pdfs, and videos!"
    Kathleen Eaton

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More Feedback From Students

  • Theresa La Londe
    “I did earn a commission from a local dance studio that I belong to…I contacted the owner, she looked at a few of my pieces and liked them and my ideas. So now I am doing 2, 12 x 12 paintings for her. If she likes them, she will comission 10 more for a total 12. The only reason I did this was because of the course.”
    Theresa La Londe
  • Anne Marie Talon
    "I sold $100 worth of art before the class was over. I really enjoyed the step by step instruction on how to actually DO the THINGS! Plus we had the added benefit of getting help from the group which was awesome. I learned so much! I'm still working through the course, it's just packed with information. I will recommend this to others, its awesome."
    Anne Marie Talon
  • Got my first order from FineArtAmerica and another from ArtofWhere. feeling encouraged!
  • Angela Treat Lyon
    Being with other artists in a live setting used to make me almost sick to my stomach, but now I can do it and have a good time. And talking about my work to non-artists is now – tadaaaa – exciting!
    Angela Treat Lyon
  • $77.72 has been transferred to your account. I know it is a little bit, but it was a little bit that required NO effort on my part. THANKS Cory and class for the kick in the pants. I am expecting this trickle to be the beginning as I tighten up my website and supporting social media.
  • "My work was featured in the Topeka Kansas Journal."
  • My first ever art calendar print run has sold out. We got it together and printed whilst I was doing the Content Marketing course. We made a few hundred euros! Think doing the course gave me a bit of a boost to get it out there.

What's Covered in the Course + FAQ

Each lesson contains a 15 – 20 minute video posted on the site, along with some worksheets for download. These videos will contain instruction with specific homework.

Module 1 – Welcome & walk through of the course outline. What you actually need in order to sell art online.

Module 2 – An overview of how artists document their process when creating their art – images, video and journaling. This forms the foundation for creating marketing materials about your work.

Module 3 – discovering what makes you unique

Module 4 – How to tell good stories about your art

Module 5 – More on good story telling

Module 6 – How to ensure that your website will support your sales

Module 7 – How to research the right influencers for your work

Module 8 – How to build buzz and get people to share your work online

Module 9 – Blogging for art collectors instead of other artists

Module 10 – Creating immersive experiences online for your collectors. Case studies from artists.

Module 11 – Effective Email Marketing Part 1

Module 12 – Effective Email Marketing Part 2

Module 13 – Email conditioning sequences for your collectors

Module 14 – Search Engine Optimization for Artists

Module 15 - Website Analytics

Module 16 – Promotion principles & building press/high value relationships

Module 17 – Social Media Principles

Module 18 – Social Media – Facebook

Module 19 – Social Media – Tumblr, Google Plus, Twitter


90 days no risk. If the course isn't working for you, let me know. If you show us the homework you've done and you're still not getting results, I will personally jump on the phone with you to make sure that you're getting the most value possible from the course.


  • 10 Hours of Recorded Interviews

    Audio of successful artists, writers, and other creatives who are making a living from their work, talking about how they do it. Includes Chris Guillebeau, Owen Garratt, Kelly Rae Roberts, and more.

  • How to Be a Press Friendly Artist Ebook

    A gift from our friends at Art Licensing Info, this ebook gives you tips on how to pitch journalists and magazines on your art. Normally $10, it's totally free for anyone who signs up for the weekly calls or the mastermind group.

  • 10% off of a Fine Art Photography Session

    The fine folks at have a network of experienced fine art photographers who can help you get your images ready for printing & the web. This discount is available for anyone who joins the weekly calls or the mastermind group.