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What Artists Are Saying About the Challenge

  • This challenge has been eye opening. It really does show the work that goes into selling your work. These are simple steps that if repeated can yield results. Gives me courage.
  • Thanks so much Cory! Yes i signed up a client this week for $1000 commission. Awesome.
  • Barely 3 hours after i set up…i got a message by an editor of an art magazine focusing on female artists asking me to be featured their next issue!!!! I can't thank you enough! This challenge was the kick in the butt i needed!!
  • I sold 13 original art cards, not prints, at a business networking breakfast so that’s 14…original pieces of art.
  • Do ONLY what it takes to sell your art

    Forget fiddling with tools and reading endless blog posts, just do this

  • Collaborate with artists all over the world

    By working together, we can get eyeballs on everyone's work!

  • 8 Daily emails with quick actions

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