Art & Money

Listen to Jenie Gao and Cory Huff discuss the relationship between art and money. In this audio, Cory and Jenie touch on points like:

  • The history of the myth of the starving artist
  • Protest & political art, and its relationship to distancing artists from money, and why it doesn't have to
  • Money mindsets - how the idea of money is emotional and what to do about it

Resources mentioned in this call:

Becoming an Artist Leader in Your Community

In this audio recording, I chat with Leonardo Pereznieto and Catherine Orer about what it means to be a leader in your community, what that does for your career, and how it can actually be the difference between struggling and thriving. 

Leonardo Pereznieto is the creator of the immensely popular Youtube channel, Fine Art Tips, where he teaches drawing skills. Across the English and Spanish channels, he has over 1.2 Million followers. You can hear an interview with him on our podcast where he talks about his experiences as an artist here

Catherine Orer is a public relations professional specializing in working with artists. You can find her website at

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