The Live challenge starts Wednesday, September 8. Let's go!

  • Explore and Discover a New Art Series

    Focus on making separate pieces that are part of an ongoing conversation.

  • Collaborate with artists all over the world

    By working together, we build community and amplify your talent.

  • 8 Daily emails with quick actions

    No long instructions. Just a few quick thoughts each day to keep you moving forward.

We promise not to share your details and we won't send any spam. 

  • Cory Huff, Founder of The Abundant Artist
    Every artist needs three things to successfully sell art: A body of work, a platform to sell; and an audience with money. Making art in a series is key to a successful art career.
    Cory Huff, Founder of The Abundant Artist

More Info

We are excited to share with you a brand-new Challenge here at The Abundant Artist—The Art Series Challenge!

This new Challenge begins Wednesday, September 8, 2021, and ends September 15, 2021. Over the course of the 8 days, we will coach you through the process of creating a cohesive body of art. 

You may be wondering why The Abundant Artist, known worldwide for teaching artists how to market and sell their work, is hosting a Daily Art Making Challenge, rather than a Daily Art Selling Challenge.

The answer is pretty simple. To sell art, you need three things: 

  1. A body of work;
  2. A platform to sell your art; and
  3. An audience with money.

We wanted to help you with that very first step—making a body of work in a series. Whether or not you decide to sell it after the challenge is up to you, but for now, we will focus on making the art.

How it works

Each day, you will receive an email with that day’s challenge task. We’ve built in two days of sketching and materials preparation time, so that when we get to the art-making days, you’ll be ready to go.

Each day, take a photo of or create a short video about what you did that day and share it on Instagram using the hashtag #TAAchallenge and tag @theabundantartist.

Follow the #TAAchallenge hashtag and check out the work of other participating artists and share them to your Stories to connect with other members of the TAA artist community.

What else do I get for participating?

At the start of the challenge, on the 8th at 11 AM Pacific, we will have a live coaching call for everyone who has registered to answer your questions about the challenge, using Instagram, hashtags, and finding other members of the TAA community.

How much time will I need?

Plan for about 60-90 minutes a day to make and share your art. If you normally do highly detailed work, consider doing daily sketches, drawings, studies, or miniatures for the Challenge. 

How much does it cost?

The challenge is free and offered as our gift to you. We are passionate about breaking down the Myth of the Starving Artist and supporting you in making great art is an important step in the process.

Who can participate?

The challenge is open to all visual artists—whether you are starting out, have been in practice for a long time, haven’t made art in many years, or are a full time professional. TAA Association members and non-members are invited to join. 

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely—just forward this page to them so they can sign up too.