Learn how to sell your art through email with this introductory course on email marketing for artists.

There’s a huge difference between someone who follows you on Instagram and someone who chooses to sign up to get emails from you. If you are trying to sell your art but not succeeding, email marketing is an often overlooked tool for many artists.

With email, the level of commitment is higher, people are more receptive to sales messages than they are on social, and people are more likely to actually see the message since engagement rates on social are typically less than 5%.

In this short course, you’ll learn how to sell your art via email. We’ll teach you that by helping you develop the following skills:

  • Learn to write an email welcome sequence

  • Invite people to shows in a way that gets them to show up

  • Make direct sales offers that convert

  • Reach out to your top collectors via email

What's Included in the Course

  • A short video that breaks down how welcome sequence emails work and how to write emails that get people excited about your art

  • Example email welcome sequence emails written by Cory Huff, a professional marketer who has written hundreds of sales emails

  • Sample emails for promoting your shows: invites, personal follow ups, and mass email follow ups.

  • A sample email that shows you how to reach out to your top collectors to let them know about new shows and series

  • A short guide for making email templates for yourself

  • My inspiration file of great emails from artists I follow

  • Technical resources on how to create your first email welcome sequence in ConvertKit or other email marketing tools

  • A collection of guides and resources for learning more about email marketing once you’re done with the course

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Feedback from Students

  • “The sample templates and inspiration folder emails are really helpful.”
  • “Having the written text presented and sequential is incredibly powerful to be able to move forward with [an artist’s] email marketing. I would have looked for questions about keeping a good pace, and meeting certain milestones but you already had those waiting for me in your Next Steps tips”
    Mary N