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Who you meet with will depend on availability and the best fit for the challenge you explain when you fill out your intake form. 

Cory with book

I’m Cory Huff, and I’m a business coach for artists. I’ve been helping artists sell art online since 2009, and I’ve helped hundreds of artists just like you figure out how to navigate the hidden path of the fine art career.

I literally wrote the book on selling art online. Harper Collins published my book, How to Sell Art Online: Live a Creative Life on Your Own Terms, in the Summer of 2016. I’ve done guest lectures on marketing at schools like Southern Methodist University, Pacific Northwest College of Art, and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

My mission is not only to teach talented artists to sell their art online, but to dispel the “starving artist myth” forever. It is possible to make the art you want, live the creative life you want to lead, and make good money doing it.

There is no reason artists need to take a vow of a poverty in order to create their art – it is possible to be an artist who makes regular, consistent sales by using the Web to sell directly to your fans.

Want to know how big you can go, with this approach? Just to give you a little taste:

Some of my artist clients have sold their work online for $20,000 or more.

I’m Sarah Guthrie, and I’m a professional artist and business coach for artists. Since 2018, I’ve been coaching artists in growing their business through The Abundant Artist, helping artists launch and grow their businesses—even through tough economic times.

I’m an alumna of The Abundant Artist courses, which helped me take my 20+ years of marketing and communications experience and apply that knowledge to my own business as an artist. Since 2019, I’ve been a full-time artist, earning the majority of my income from art sales. I coach artists with TAA because I ardently believe in our mission and love seeing artists grow and thrive in their practice and business.

What previous clients are saying

  • Chuck Black
    "I’m busy with custom work, t-shirt sales are steady and automated, and my limited edition prints are selling consistently. Between that and original drawings I’m running to the post office every single day to ship art. In addition I used the knowledge you gave me and took my email marketing plan a step further. I receive between 10-25 signups consistently now each day. I really have a lot to thank you for. Unknowingly what you have done for me is changed my pattern of thinking which has inspired me to create new ideas and fuel for my business. I see a bright future in store now and I’m steadily doing it!!"
    Chuck Black
  • Luz Donahue
    "Cory understands how to talk to the both the artist and business owner in you. I was able to develop a plan that allowed me to live from my work in less than a year even making $1200 for a single 16×20 piece by my 5th month as a full time artist. Through following our plan I finally feel seen and capable to make this career happen at 25 with no formal art training."
    Luz Donahue

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