How Do I Find the Right Place to Sell My Art Online?


image by Wonderlane

Tami Espe, a Mandala artist asked:

“I am a Mandala artist. The hardest thing for me is finding the right places/connections to show my artwork. So my question is How do I find the right venues/sites/contacts with such a specific topic?”

Well, Tami, luckily for you, finding the right place to display your art is even easier when you have a specific topic. It may not be easy to find tons of places, but you should be able to find the right ones fairly quickly.

Find the Right Place to Sell Online in Four Steps

Set Up Your Home Base. One of the first things that I noticed is that if I do a Google search for ‘Tami Espi Mandala Artist’ I don’t see a website for you and your work. You need a website that displays your work in the way that you want it displayed, and you want to make sure that your site pops up when someone does a search for your name.

Find Your Target Audience. Who likes Mandala artwork? Probably people who are Buddhist or Hindu (or who come from cultures that are predominantly those religions), but also anyone who likes geometry or numbers. That’s a pretty specific group of people. Throw in the fact that you need to narrow it down to people of a certain age and income bracket, and you’ve got a nice, narrow group of people that you can focus on.

Find Out Where Your Collectors Live. Where do the Mandala Art-loving, Buddhist, Hindu, math loving people hang out online? Well, you can probably find them on Facebook and sell your art there. Besides Facebook, you could find blogs and other websites that write about these topics (they’re out there, I’m sure). Start by using Google Blog search, then try, or Technorati. Advertise on some of these sites or get them to write about your work (and include pictures, of course). Even better, get on their mailing lists.

Bring Them Back to You. No matter how you advertise, no matter where you advertise, you’ll want to make sure you get a significant portion of those people onto your mailing list. Get their email addresses by offering them something for signing up for your artist newsletter. This way, even if they don’t buy from you now, you can remind them later!

Online Art Galleries: A Word of Caution

There are lots of great places to sell art online that have proven traffic and marketing savvy to get your work seen by the right collectors. It’s easy to get sucked into placing your work on sites like Imagekind, Etsy or Fine Art America and then wonder why your work isn’t selling.

Many artists fall into the trap of placing their art where there are tons of other artists just like them. Many sites are primarily visited by artists, and not very much by collectors. Talk to other artists before you spend a lot of time getting set up on a new online gallery. Have they had good experiences? Have they sold much art? What are the fees?


  1. Brian Wiltshire says

    It is not necessarily bad to share a website with other artists so long as the site owners are very selective in their jurying. If you are viewed alongside other high quality art it can only enhance your position. Some sites do not charge any fees and are non-exclusive, they collect a small commission when the work sells thus they are a risk free opportunity to increase the artist’s exposure.

    • theabundantartist says

      Brian, I agree with you there. It’s not NECESSARILY bad – but it can be.

      That said, if you’re next to a bunch of well-known artists who are selling a lot of work, some of that good luck can rub off on you.

      Sites that charge reasonable commissions are great. I often recommend Imagekind and similar sites to my readers.

    • says

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