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The Abundant Artist email newsletter goes out once per week, usually on Monday morning.  In that email, you’ll get to be part of the growing community of artists who know that The Starving Artist is a MythJoin our list to get the following:

Exclusive content. The Abundant Artist email list members get first access to special content created just for community members. Interviews with highly successful and visible artists, specific money making tips, and special conference calls with Cory and other exciting people.

Special offers. From time to time you will receive special offers that will help your business. Discounts on useful software, money saving tips for artists, and early notifications of special events.

A recap of the most popular content on the site. Find out what money making tips are really hot with the community at The Abundant Artist.

Early adopter bonuses. As Cory develops new tools and content for The Abundant Artist Community members, email list subscribers will be given early access to special content as it is tested. See amazing guides, ebooks, and videos before anyone else does!

The Abundant Artist Community. Do you have a hard time marketing yourself? Do you get embarrassed trying to ‘sell’ your work? At the same time, do you have no problem at all trumpeting your favorite artists from the rooftops?  You’re not alone.  Many artists have this problem.  Very soon The Abundant Artist will launch the The Abundant Artist Community site, where artists who are serious about their business will be able to meet other like minded artists, get free specialized lessons on Internet Marketing, and get access to a whole new level of coaching.  The Community will be in private Beta initially, but email list members will get exclusive first invites to join and learn!

Meetups in your town. Wish that you could get together with other artists in your area and work together?  Very soon, The Abundant Artist email list members will have the opportunity to meet with Cory when he is in your town and show you how to organize your very own mastermind group.

Privacy Policy: I hate spam. I don’t sell your email to anyone, that’s a promise. Also, I promise that outside of the insanely useful once a week email you will only be contacted for very rare, very special offers or exciting opportunities.

Bonus beginning February 6, 2010. Art Marketing by the Numbers is finally here. I’ve been working on a 10 week email course that will help you get your website in top shape for selling your art online. Sign up for the newsletter, and you’ll an email each week with a video and an actionable step you can take to sell more art online.

Join the list now and get your first exciting newsletter right away!

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  1. Nancy Oren says

    Thanks, Cory, for sharing. Having this kind of support system means a great deal to me. Enjoy a creative day and a joyful holiday season with your family!


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