9 Great Artist Websites


Before you built your artist website, did you spend time researching what’s out there?

Professional web designers spend hours every day looking at other designs, and, let’s be honest, stealing the best things that they see. That’s why design (and Art) evolve.

UPDATE: In the two years since I first published this post, the state of artist websites has advanced tremendously. It used to be difficult to find artist websites that were aesthetically appealing and also effective at marketing the artist’s work. Now there are a number of great artist websites. I’ve updated this list and will be adding more as time allows.

So, in no particular order…

9 Great Artist Websites

1. Natasha Wescoat


One of my personal favorite artists and a lovely person. Natasha is very tech-savvy and has written several articles for Mashable.com and other technology sites. Natasha’s site is beautiful and makes me want her stuff. A lot. I love how she uses Wix’s shopping cart to sell her prints right from her site.

2. Ann Rea


A very clean, simple design that works very well. Ann is very business savvy and artists can benefit from her blog and email list. Another artist who sells her work right from her site, Ann is a model for the art world to follow with how she implements her online marketing.

3. Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith Art


Since it’s my list, I get to add one of my own. Pretty proud of this one – Melissa Smith is a prolific and successful artist based in Texas. Check out the pet portraits she did for a celebrity NFL player!

4. Kelly Rae Roberts

kelly rae roberts website


Kelly Rae Roberts calls herself a “possibilitarian.” This clinical medical social worker turned artist has done over $10 Million in art sales in three years. She is an incredible success and an inspiration to “self taught” artists everywhere.

5. Amber Jean


Check out the Patron Place. Probably the most innovative thing I’ve ever seen an artist do online. I admire Amber on many levels and love hearing about her continued success.

6. Lori Mcnee


Lori is a wonderful resource for artists everywhere. Her site is well designed, clean, and is another example of being able to sell art directly from the site itself. She also has a great blog where she shares what she learns.

7. Kelli Blickman


I didn’t know Kelli before creating this blog post, but I sure wish that I did. Her site is slick, easy to use, and does everything that you would need an artist’s site to do.

8. Matt LeBlanc


Another new artist for me, Matt’s work is big, bold, and colorful. As someone with years of experience in advertising, Matt has an advantage in knowing what works in marketing.

9. Austin Kleon


Austin came across my radar several months ago in the major press coverage that he has received. In my other life, I spend a lot of time talking about the future of newspapers and media. Austin’s work is fun, with somewhat ominous overtones. Austin also uses BigCartel.

What do you think? Are there any other artist sites that you think belong on this list? What do you learn from looking at these?



  1. Susie says

    you seem to be a big fan of BigCartel for direct shopping. I am wondering what you think of Etsy and how it compares.

    • theabundantartist says

      Susie, that’s a great question. One of the big reasons that I like Big Cartel is that they allow you to embed the shopping experience right on your own site. If Etsy does that, I’m not aware of that feature.

  2. says

    It’s easy to forget when working on your artist website that it’s your primary tool for marketing and selling your art online. The purpose is to make it easy for potential customers to connect with you and buy your art. You need to think about what you want people to DO when they visit your website.

    I noticed a lack of an obvious mailing list sign up on some of these websites. A regular newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with potential customers, and it’s a call-to-action that a website visitor can take as a first step to connect with you. It’s unlikely a person who’s never seen your work before will buy a piece of art on the first visit! Give website visitors a chance to give you their email address so you can stay in touch.

    I was curious and took a quick peek at all of the websites. Matt LeBlanc’s website gave me the best first impression.

    • theabundantartist says

      Lisa, great point in the newsletter opt-in. I looked at literally hundreds of websites in prepping for this post, and these were among the best that I could find overall. Thanks for the comment!

      • says

        Thanks for compiling this Cory, great selection!

        I agree with Lisa that getting visitors to DO something should be a priority for artists, and offering a newsletter opt-in is a little thing that could make a big difference to the bottom line.

        The sites all look fabulous – so the artists have done a lot of the hard work. Adding a newsletter opt-in (and writing a good newsletter!) will help them earn a payoff for that work.

    • says

      Ed, I think your website is amazing! I practically read through the whole site! I’m looking to revamp mine, and use a decent URL. Was a good example. What did you use to build it?

  3. CoryHuff says

    @SwarezArt Indeed, your site is beautiful. Discovered a new WP theme developer too – thanks for stopping by!

  4. FieldeyArt says

    Thanks for the great post!
    Last week I was researching artist websites before I started my own, and I have to agree that they are by and large badly designed, I couldn’t find many inspirational sites out there… and these are artists we’re talking about – I expected to find creative and beautifully crafted sites.
    After reading your post and checking out other artist websites I spent the weekend feverishly coding, scribbling and photographing, trying to create a website that had a custom look and was immediately obvious what I do, and here is the end result: http://www.fieldey.com/ thanks for providing inspiration!

  5. Andrew Tjandra says

    These websites look a bit outdated to be honest with you.

    I personally really like the redesign of Postertext.com. Clean, functional and it’s obvious that effort was made to put the attention on the art prints – rather than on the website itself.

  6. says

    I would appreciate any advice you may have on my website. Also, feel free to critique my work , paintingsbypatrice.com, the opening page has a red heart. I am nor,ally the first website with that exact name.

  7. says

    Cory — Thank you for posting this resource of “Great Artist Websites”. I’ve referred to it several times.

    I recently came across a beautiful and rich website that highlights studio visits to West Coast artists – http://inthemake.com -.

    Consequently, I was inspired to create on my artist website a “studio visit” page and an “en plein air” page with lots of photos and an interview.


  8. says

    We have launched a new artist site to showcase all levels of the creative world. Our mission is to inspire everyone from leading art directors to the next generation of tattoo artists. Apartial allows you to easily discover and collect work from some of Ireland’s most innovative artists and designers. Go check out our site for yourself http://www.apartial.com


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